What to Do in Miami This Week [June 24-30]

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Paperfish Sushi

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the hottest events in the 305! We bring you the must-attend happenings and top spots in Miami to see and be seen. Discover the latest buzz, from trending restaurants to the most coveted bars where you’ll want to secure a reservation ASAP. Stay in the loop with our curated guide to Miami’s vibrant and ever-evolving scene!

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Thursday, June 27: Sushi Making Class at Paperfish Sushi

Sushi Month is not over yet! And one unmissable highlight of Sushi Month is the chance to craft your own sushi—just leave it up to Paperfish Sushi. Head over to their vibrant Española Way location on Thursday, June 27, for an exclusive sushi-making class. Prepare your own sushi with insider tips and techniques from the sushi bar’s master chefs while sipping on their notoriously good Wasabi Martini and indulging in a selection of appetizers.

This immersive 2-hour session offers a hands-on experience where you’ll learn to create the best hamachi nigiri, a timeless California roll, and Paperfish Sushi’s iconic Paper Tuna roll. Beyond just rolling sushi, you’ll gain insights into the cultural nuances and craftsmanship that make sushi an art form. With the atmosphere buzzing and flavors popping, this event is perfect for both beginners and sushi enthusiasts looking to refine their skills. Given the class’s popularity and limited seating, be sure to reserve your spot beforehand.

Friday, June 28: National Ceviche Day at Costa Med

What to Do in Miami This Week [June 24-30] - Blue Collar, Costa Med, Hiyakawa, PaperFish Sushi Bar - July 2024

This coming Friday marks National Ceviche Day, and we’re thinking it’s as good of a day as any to take a little road trip to Key Biscayne for lunch at our favorite bistro, Costa Med. This charming eatery is known for its effortless fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with the flavors that shape South Florida. Fresh local seafood is the pilar of many of the bistro’s dishes, and their incredible ceviche is no exception. Totally worth the drive. 

The ceviche here is prepared fresh daily with whatever fish was caught that day, then served with crunchy green plantain tostones—a match made in heaven. If you’re looking to make it a full meal, we recommend sticking with the seafood theme and ordering jumbo fresh wild-caught scallops, perfectly seared until golden and served over a pumpkin puree with an apricot and Iberic ham chutney. Divine. 

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Saturday, June 29: Dinner at Hiyakawa

Hiyakawa - Top Restaurants in Miami

On Saturday, we’ll be going for dinner at the ethereal Japanese omakase restaurant, Hiyakawa. Helmed by restaurateur Alvaro Perez Miranda, Hiyawaka offers a deep dive into Japanese cuisine and culture like no other. While they do offer awe-inspiring omakase experiences, their a la carte menu is totally worth a try, and that’s what we’ll be going for this time around. 

On the menu, find everything from delicacies fresh off the grill or crispy fried to the freshest sashimi, nigiri, maki, and temaki. Each visit to Hiyakawa is a new adventure, with specialties flown in fresh from Japan daily. Yet, you can always count on their mouth-watering staples like oh toro, hotate, and A5 Hitachi wagyu. As you wrap up your feast, make sure to explore the decadent sweets menu. Treat yourself to their unique specialties, such as the luscious ube pie, the creamy hojicha ice cream, or the tangy yuzu creme brulee. 

Sunday, June 30: Dinner at the Newly Opened Blue Collar

The wait is over! Chef Danny Serfer’s new Blue Collar is here. On June 27, 2024, “the new Blue” opens its doors across from the original, in a chic 4,000-square-foot space with indoor and outdoor seating, an expanded menu, and a full bar program which we’ll be getting a taste of this Sunday for dinner. Designed by Serfer, Samantha Mckenna, and Joey Halpern, the new spot blends rustic charm with mid-century glamor, where vintage metal lunchboxes now serve as herb gardens for the bar.

The menu keeps fan favorites and introduces new delights like the egg roll trio (cheeseburger, Cuban sandwich, and pepperoni pizza), mushroom & goat cheese croquettes with fig jam, and lamb shoulder shawarma. Desserts include the utterly indulgent sticky toffee pudding and baked-to-order chocolate chip cookies. Finally, Blue Collar’s new full bar features classic and diverse drinks, perfect for the updated menu. Enjoy a sophisticated yet soulful dining experience at the new Blue Collar.

Blue Collar is located at 6789 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33138. For more information, head to their official website.

Angelina Kurganska

Angelina Kurganska is a traveling food and tea writer. She spent years as a professional cook in North America, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Angelina is particularly enthralled by the subtle world of Japanese cuisine and enjoys making pottery in her free time.

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