The Best Italian Restaurants in Miami Beach

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Casa Isola

It’s not hard to find an Italian restaurant in Miami Beach. After all the city caters to incoming crowds of tourists and pizza-craving locals alike. How about finding one that makes its own pasta? Or uses only seasonal ingredients? Perhaps you’re looking for a trattoria with the best sommeliers in town? We’ve got you covered – here is a list of the best Italian restaurants in Miami Beach.

Casa Isola

Casa Isola - The Best Italian Restaurants in Miami Beach

Casa Isola is the definition of a five-star flavor extravaganza tucked away in a delightfully relaxed atmosphere. Get ready because the portions are big and the flavors are bustling. Here, Chef Jose Mendin of Miami’s favorite Pubbelly Sushi brings to life iconic Italian comfort foods while adding his renowned international twist.

Diners are urged to start off with the Arancini Isola — crispy crunchy arborio rice balls stuffed with a quartet of cheeses. Next, there are divine creations like the tuna carpaccio with parmesan “leche de tigre” and a caper pesto; or perhaps the meatball salad will tickle your fancy more, it’s an explosion of flavors from rich meatballs to picante long hots and a tangy red wine dressing.

We all know what our eyes go to first on the menu though and that’s the pasta. The Rigatoni Alla Vodka is now synonymous with the establishment itself — it’s nearly impossible to stop by without getting an order.

Other noteworthy pasta creations include the Ravioli Bianconeri made with short rib and truffles and the buttery truffle-galore truffle pappardelle. As any self-respecting Italian restaurant would have it, there’s a proper wine collection to accompany the mouth-watering bites.

Cecconi’s Miami

Be prepared to embark on a culinary journey through the enchanting streets of Venice with a visit to Cecconi’s. The Italian restaurant originated in Venice and has many an outpost in the world’s metropolitans.

Luckily, Miami Beach is no exception and the exquisite restaurant is housed right in the Ground Floor Courtyard of Soho Beach House. Take a seat at the restaurant’s romantic patio where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served seven days a week including a mesmerizing brunch feast during the weekend.

The menu here consists of Venetian quintessentials like cichetti (Venice’s answer to tapas), tartare, wood-fired pizzas, pasta, and a bounty of main dishes from the land and sea. Crowd favorites here include the classic crispy calamari fritti; a velvety truffle-lovers paradise agnolotti pasta; and if you thought eggplant parmigiana couldn’t wow you —think again.

As you indulge your senses, remember that dessert is non-negotiable. Luscious tiramisu, decadent tres leches, and heavenly profiteroles served with a salted caramel gelato all come paired with their very own wines and bubblies.

Cecconi’s Miami is located at 4385 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140. For more information, visit their official website.


Dining at Limoncello is akin to watching a good ol’ Italian film. It’s authentic to the utmost degree. The humble family-owned and operated restaurant is fairly new on the scene, with two years under their belt they’ve already swooned Miami’s pickiest eaters with their irresistible southern Italian fare.

If you are yet to be initiated in the Limoncello dining experience make sure to indulge in the creamiest bucatini cacio e pepe you’ll ever feast on; the luscious, flavor-packed lobster ravioli; and the mushroom-packed pappardelle funghi e tartufo. Yes, this is truly going to be a parade of pasta but when each creation is meticulously handcrafted in-house and each sauce a labor of love made from scratch, who can resist?

As the trattoria’s name suggests, the limoncello here is a divine elixir of choice. The Limoncello Drop cocktail is the essential prelude (or postlude) to the heavily satisfying meal you’re about to embark on.

Limoncello Miami is located at 1334 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. For more information, visit their official website.


In the quest for a sanctuary of Italian culinary excellence, one will surely stumble upon Macchialina. It’s hard to find an Italian restaurant with as many awards as Michael Pirolo and his team have accumulated for Macchialina during their decade in Miami Beach.

Here the pasta is always hand-made in-house, and ingredients rotate with the season while harmoniously making their way into the restaurant’s beloved dishes. And then there is the wine, oh the wine is always pouring.

For those who seek the complete Macchialina experience, a four-course tasting menu awaits, priced at $70. While those choosing the a la carte path can look forward to the following offerings: Cesar-style dressed broccolini; creamy polenta with an ever-changing medley of seasonal foragings; or charming little cavatelli cradling baby meatballs, to name a few specialties.

Evolving by the month is also the restaurant’s wine selection. With an extensive menu of steadfast wines, Macchialina also offers a revolving selection of by-the-glass specials.

Make sure to enquire about the month’s specials and don’t be afraid to ask for a unique pairing with your pasta. There’s a reason why the team has acquired a multitude of best sommelier awards.

Macchialina is located at 820 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139. For more information, visit their official website.

Pane e Vino

Defining the meaning of trattoria, Pane e Vino is a charming neighborhood eatery on the Washington strip.

The dim lighting and effortlessly relaxed ambiance orchestrate an atmosphere that’s perfect for both romantic rendezvous and joyous gatherings with cherished friends. Rest assured, the pasta here is always freshly made and luscious with the restaurant offering a variety of hearty Italian dishes to accompany your meal. 

We invite diners not to miss out on the trattoria’s specialty: the spaghetti alla ruota, fresh-made spaghetti with tomato sauce served in an entire 24-month-old parmesan wheel. It’s the decadence you deserve. Another Pane e Vino specialty you just don’t want to miss out on (trust us) is the paccheri served in a creamy pistachio sauce with shrimp. Utterly divine.

This is one place you’ll without a doubt want to have your dessert stomach ready — creamy panna cotta, sacharine creme brulee, better-than-nonna’s tiramisu, and indulgent Sicilian cannoli all make wonderful appearances on the dolci menu. 

Pane e Vino is located at 1450 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. For more information, visit their official website.

Angelina Kurganska

Angelina Kurganska is a traveling food and tea writer. She spent years as a professional cook in North America, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Angelina is particularly enthralled by the subtle world of Japanese cuisine and enjoys making pottery in her free time.

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