5 Iconic Miami Restaurants

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Toscana Divino
Toscana Divino

Beyond the beaches and nightlife, Miami boasts a world-class culinary scene. Here’s our guide to some of the city’s iconic restaurants, where history, flavor, and atmosphere create unforgettable dining experiences.


Despite it being one of the youngest entries on this list, Barsecco is a Brickell institution. A big reason for that: It’s one of the area’s go-to spots for late-night partying, open late every day. Besides its convenient operating hours, guests love the lively and sophisticated scene paired with an extensive cocktail and prosecco list, perfect for toasting the good life. The food menu, featuring an array of globally inspired plates, is ideal for sharing and grazing while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. The place has it all: good food, good drinks, and good music. 

Joe’s Stone Crab

For over a century, Joe’s Stone Crab has been a Miami institution, synonymous with the city’s love affair with fresh seafood. This South Beach gem is legendary for its colossal stone crabs, served simply with mustard sauce and enjoyed with gusto by presidents, celebrities, and locals alike. While seafood is the main attraction here, there are plenty of other delicious bites, including the restaurant’s famous (and cheap) fried chicken. Pro tip: Don’t miss the key lime pie, a tangy and refreshing end to a truly iconic meal.

Joe’s Stone Crab is located at 11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. For more information, visit their official website

RED South Beach

When it comes to steak, RED South Beach has been a haven for meat lovers for years, offering prime cuts in a classic atmosphere (with some Miami influence, of course). This is a place that just makes you feel cool. Stop in for sizzling prime ribeye, chops, and sides like the restaurant’s famous mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. Reservations are strongly recommended (as is one of their signature martinis).

Toscana Divino

Transport yourself to Italy at Toscana Divino, the star attraction at Mary Brickell Village. This charming eatery serves up a bevy of authentic Tuscan fare, from appetizing pastas to fresh seafood dishes. The menu here is constantly changing, which is a big plus for adventurous diners. Also, make sure to take a peek at the wine list – it features dozens upon dozens of exquisite finds. You’re probably going to want to Uber here. 


No exploration of Miami’s iconic restaurants is complete without Versailles. This Little Havana landmark, dubbed “The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant,” is more than just a place to eat. It’s a vibrant community hub, buzzing with conversation, laughter, and the irresistible aroma of Cuban classics. From tasty ropa vieja and vaca frita to divine pastelitos and coffee, Versailles is a beloved icon of the community. Just know that you’ll probably encounter a wait due to its popularity. 

Versailles is located at 3555 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135. For more information, visit their official website

Geoffrey Anderson

Geoffrey Anderson Jr. is a contributing/staff writer for Dish Miami. For over six years, he has covered the South Florida dining scene with his wife for the award-winning local food blog Miami Food Pug. When he's not writing about food, he's eating it—or attending rock concerts and traveling.

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