6 Delicious Spots with the Best Sandwiches in Miami

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When was the last time you had a sandwich that really stood out? While many places feature sandwiches for lunch and/or dinner service, they’re often an afterthought when putting together a menu. Not so at these six places. At each of these spots, you’ll find at least one sandwich that you’ll be thinking about long after your meal.

Babe’s Meat & Counter

A humble Palmetto Bay storefront is home to some incredible breakfast sandwiches –and then some. From the maple rosemary sausage sandwich and chorizo sausage sandwich to the Montreal smoked meat pastrami sandwich and cheesesteak sandwich, Babe’s Meat & Counter’s offerings never fail to put a smile on your face. Full disclosure: We’ve tried every sandwich on the menu, and they’re all good. We recommend you try everything, too.

Babe’s Meat & Counter is located at 9215 Southwest 156thStreet, Miami, FL 33157. For more information, visit their official website.

Bachour Bakery & Restaurant

Bachour Bakery & Restaurant in Coral Gables is a neighborhood favorite for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. No matter what time you visit, you’ll find it full of guests looking to enjoy bites from renowned pastry chef Antonio Bachour. If you’re looking for a memorable start to your day, come for breakfast and order the egg sandwich.

Fair warning: It is humongous. The sandwich is comprised of a brioche bun, scrambled eggs, aged cheddar, shallot marmalade, and a crispy pork belly. It sounds like a lot, and it is; consider splitting it with someone or expect to skip lunch. Regardless, it’s a steal and one of the best breakfast sandwiches in town for the money.

Bachour Bakery & Restaurant is located at 2020 Salzedo Street, Miami, FL 33134. For more information, visit their official website. 

Lobster Shack

Lobster rolls are a delight, and the one at Lobster Shack on SoBe is a cut above the rest. Thanks to Lobster Shack’s two convenient locations, you’re never too far away from some of the best rolls on the beach.

The classic lobster roll is always a good time, but Lobster Shack also offers a number of variations like the Cajun lobster roll and the claw lobster roll. There’s even a South Beach lobster roll with bacon, avocado, and slaw.

 If you like to mix things up, opt for the Cajun shrimp roll or the fully-loaded Poseidon roll with lobster, king crab, and blacked shrimp. You won’t find a better place for lobster rolls than Lobster Shack.

Patio Isola

Patio Isola’s hearty Italian sandwiches are enough for two meals –they’re a tremendous value, and if you’ve never had Italian restaurant’s food before, they’re a great starting point, too. Expect to find fillings like meatballs, Italian cold cuts, eggplant parm, and fried calamari among the delicious options available. These sandwiches also travel well, so if you can’t make it to the restaurant, just use Uber Eats to get them delivered to your door. You have no excuse now.

Patio Isola is permanently closed. You can still visit its sister restaurant Casa Isola.


You can get a Cuban sandwich at any Cuban restaurant in Miami, but there’s just something about the one at Sanguich in Little Havana that wins over our hearts and stomachs every time. The Cubano here is made with city ham, lechon, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on Cuban bread –that’s it. Don’t let the simplicity fool you; it’s amazing. While the Cubano is our go-to sandwich here, the steak sandwich (pan con bistec) is worth the calories as well.

Sanguich is located at 2057 SW 8thStreet, Miami, FL 33135. For more information, visit their official website.

Tran An

For quality Vietnamese food, look no further than Little River’s Tran An. The eatery has a whole section dedicated to the banh mi sandwich. Shrimp, pork, sausage, chicken, beef … the list of available proteins goes on and on.

First-timers should definitely order an OG Classic to get acquainted, though. Expect an assortment of Vietnamese cold cuts on a French baguette with pate, Maggi butter, pickled slaw, and herbs. It packs some slight heat but it’s the perfect introduction to what Tran An has to offer. Those who prefer a bit more heat will find it with the shrimp banh mi —another crowd favorite.

Tran An is located at 215 NE 82nd Street, Miami, FL 33138. For more information, visit their official website

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