The Best Lunch Restaurants in Wynwood

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The Best Lunch Restaurants in Wynwood - Love Life Cafe
Love Life Cafe | Photo Credit: Ruben Cabrera

Whether you’ve popped by Wynwood for some good ol’ gallery hopping or this happens to be your go-to area during your lunch break, Miami’s art district is as packed with scrumptious lunch spots as your favorite sandwich. From Asian food halls to charming restaurants ready to transport you to the Aegean coast, here’s our round-up of the best Wynwood has to offer for lunch:


1-800-Lucky is the answer to a group of Asian food-loving friends all looking for a lunch spot in Wynwood. The 10,000-square-foot food hall mimics the most bustling of Asian food markets, all with a hip Wynwood vibe to it.

With both indoor and outdoor seating, a lush green backdrop, seven vendors encircling an open dining room, two full bars, and a karaoke room — this is the lunch spot of your dreams. 

Come lunchtime enter through a record shop, and find yourself in Asian food heaven, munching away to booming hip-hop music.

There’s rich piping hot ramen, karaage rice bowls, and pork belly sandos from Usagi; baos, Peking duck, and wok-fried favorites from Gold Marquess; top-tier sushi rolls from B-Side by Itamae; Filipino delicacies such as pork sisig and lechon kawali from Jeepney; and mind-blowing house-made dim sum from Yip. 1-800-Lucky frequently throws some killer parties, so you might be in for a treat during your next lunch break. 

1-800-Lucky is located at 143 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127. For more information, visit their official website


Doya, the modern Aegean eatery, has been gaining much notice for topping multiple top-choice lists in Miami. The space is airy and fun, with a plethora of small meze-style plates flying out of the kitchen and onto diners’ tables.

Doya wholeheartedly believes in sharing, so this is a place you’ll want to go on a lunch break with your coworkers or a catch-up date with the besties. One thing’s for sure, though—you’ll want to stock up on the meze, and it will be hard to tackle the task alone. 

The menu is simple. There are but two categories—cold meze and hot meze. However, the choices are endless, and they all sound divine. If it’s your first time gracing the fine establishment, then let us give you some first-timer order tips.

Start off by slowly making your way through the cold meze: haydari (garlic yogurt with mint), muhammara (roasted red pepper with pomegranate and walnuts), and the Doya octopus positively drenched in Cretan EVOO are sure to set the stage for the hot plates.

Next up: manti (beef dumplings with burnt butter and garlic yogurt), Adana kebaps made of aromatic spiced lamb, and mussels in a white wine butter sauce will tip the experience way over the edge. If you’re not opposed to a little sip during lunch, then we’ve got one word for you: raki. 

Doya is located at 347 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127. For more information, visit their official website

La Sandwicherie

Sometimes, the ultimate lunch is simple and straight to the point. It’s hard to go wrong with a well-executed sandwich. Especially when that sandwich is from La Sandwicherie.

Dishing out scrumptious French sandwiches since 1988, La Sanwicherie now has multiple locations throughout Miami, and the Wynwood branch is one of their latest additions, but with its colorful walls and casual, airy ambiance. 

At La Sandwicherie, you can choose to build your own sandwich or go with one of the signature creations. If you’re in an artistic mood for lunch, choose one of the bases — baguette or croissant, and start loading up on the toppings.

All vegetables are included in the base price, and you can pile on premium toppings, including cheeses, cold cuts, and seafood. Whatever your order — skimping on the magic sauce a la French vinaigrette here is a sin.

La Sandwicherie is located at 169 NW 23rd St Unit 102, Miami, FL 33127. For more information, visit their official website

Love Life Cafe

Love Life Cafe - Plant-Based Restaurants in Miami
Photo Credit: Ruben Cabrera

Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, or simply someone who loves a wholesome meal—Love Life Cafe is the ultimate lunch spot for plant-based goodness.

The love child of Veronica and Diego, the vegan cafe prides itself on dishes made from scratch. The interior is bright and breezy, with a large wooden communal table as the centerpiece. Here, kaleidoscopic smoothie bowls rub shoulders with creamy avocado toasts, and each sip of the locally sourced coffee feels like an act against the mundane. 

Truly, with every visit, we get more and more excited to try the plant-based creations. But first, let us put you on to some undeniable gold when it comes to Love Life Cafe: the emerald-green chlorophyll-infused Love Life arepa with black bean sofrito and avocado is as eye-pleasing as it is delish; the el chamo bowl made with jackfruit mechada, brown rice, beans, plantains, avocados, and an electric sauce is an utter melange of zest; and the sushi pizza made with sticky rice, sweet plantains, avocado, kimchi mayo, and unagi sauce totally knocks conventionality out of this world.

There are salads, soups, burgers, pizza, ramen, sushi rolls, and even the most decadent desserts. Trust us, you won’t be dreaming of meat for a split second. 

Love Life Café is located at 545 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127. For more information, visit their official website

Zak the Baker

Dare we say Zak the Baker itself put Wynwood on the scene? Sure, it’s a little bold, but we know a good amount of Miamians and out-of-towners who venture into Wynwood just for a taste of the heavenly goodness at Zak’s.

The artisanal kosher bakery really built a name for itself, and now it’s one of Miami’s most beloved gems but with its fluffy, naturally leavened bread and flaky sweet pastries. And while most might pop in on busy mornings to pick up the fresh, warm baked goods, we quite favor the occasional lunchtime siesta here. 

So what’s on the menu? Quite frankly, anything you can smear on a bagel or fit on a fluffy, crunchy slice of toast. Our usual go-tos: the lox bagel, which comes positively loaded with salmon, or the nova & cream cheese toast — utterly delicious.

There’s also the tuna melt sandwich that gives tuna melts worldwide some heavy competition. You’ll find salads and a rotating selection of vegan soups served with toasted baguette here as well. We must warn you, though—there’s often a line forming outside of the bakery, so we recommend stopping by only if you have a leisurely afternoon ahead. 

Zak the Baker is located at 295 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127. For more information, visit their official website

Angelina Kurganska

Angelina Kurganska is a traveling food and tea writer. She spent years as a professional cook in North America, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Angelina is particularly enthralled by the subtle world of Japanese cuisine and enjoys making pottery in her free time.

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