The Best Italian Restaurants in Coconut Grove

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Pizza and olive oil - The best Italian Restaurants in Coconut Grove
Mister O1

Who knew that the cozy Coconut Grove area is home to a plethora of exquisite Italian cuisine? Stroll through the tree-lined avenues of the neighborhood, where Italian cuisine takes on a dreamlike twist in the most unexpected corners. From hidden gem take-out-only pizza parlors to Amalfi-coast trattorias, Coconut Grove is a playground for the gastronomically curious. 


Oh, Bellini. Housed within the iconic Mr. C hotel in Coconut Grove, the restaurant boasts stunning views from its rooftop terrace and even more stunning Italian cuisine. The menu here features Cipriani classics with a local twist that are bound to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. As you grab a prime sunset seat overlooking Biscayne Bay, make sure to start the culinary excursion with one of the restaurant’s revered cocktails. The Bellini White Peach Purée and Mr. C Prosecco is a true beauty—created in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar, it’s a smooth and refreshing libation that sets the perfect tone for the meal to come.

On the menu, one will find everything from the classic antipasti to lush salads and gems of the sea. What we’re here for, however, is the pasta & risotto section of the menu that’s totally worth having a cheat day for. The Tagliolini “al Tartufo Nero di Norcia” has captured our hearts—a Capriani specialty featuring wide squares of egg pasta bathed in a rich and creamy black truffle sauce with a wealth of black truffle shavings. The dishes come served in equally gorgeous floral plates that create a rounded sensory experience like no other. The last tidbit of advice is to save room for the gelato—you won’t find anything quite like it this side of the Atlantic.

Bellini is located at 2988 McFarlane Rd, Miami, FL 33133. For more information, visit their official website.   

Like Mike

Experience the essence of the Amalfi Coast at Like Mike. Nestled in Miami’s oldest residential neighborhood, amidst lush greenery and chic boutiques, this trattoria beckons with the promise of authentic Italian flavors in a stylish setting. While fairly new on the scene (established in 2021), Like Mike doesn’t fall short in front of the elders and makes sure to prepare flawless Amalfi cuisine that has already earned its own loyal following in the Grove.

Guided by select recipes curated by renowned Italian Michelin star Chef Luigi Salomone, the menu features a short but sweet array of regional specialties, from the iconic parmigiana vesuvio (fried eggplant filled with provola cheese) to the mouthwatering linguine alla nerano made with 36-month aged parmesan. Our favorite, though, is the strozzapreti alla Mike, a hand-rolled, spiral-shaped pasta made with a tomato medley and with added local fresh burrata. It’s all in the ingredients—simple yet irresistible. 

Like Mike is located at 3433 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133. For more information, visit their official website.

Mister O1 Extraordinary 

Born from the bustling streets of NYC and now a global sensation, Mister O1 has planted its flag firmly in Miami, drawing pizza lovers from far and wide. From its humble origins in a hidden South Beach office building to a sprawling empire spanning the globe, Mister O1 has redefined the pizza landscape. But it’s not just their reach that captivates—it’s the fearless innovation.

If it’s your first time visiting this beloved pizza joint, make sure to order their specialty: the extraordinary Star Luca pizza. It’s a star-shaped pizza filled with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, spicy salami Calabrese, and fresh basil—bound to make you frequent the Coconut Grove locale. Just be sure to arrive early—this is one hotspot that’s always buzzing.

Mister O1 Extraordinary is located at 3015 Grand Ave Suite 165, Miami, FL 33133. For more information, visit their official website


Serving South Florida since 1982, Pauloluigi is a take-out-only pizza joint that somehow just exudes that classic pizzeria charm. The chefs here are clearly masters of their craft and they prepare each pie with so much love and dedication that you’ll feel it even after you bring the pizza home. 

There’s plenty to adore here aside from the love-filled pies, too. As any classic pizzeria would, they also prepare salads, chicken parm (amongst other chicken specialties), baked pasta, calzones, and hot subs. The specialty here, however, is the New York-style Famous White Pizza made with plenty of mozzarella, ricotta, and a homemade no-nut pesto. Make sure to get an order of garlic rolls with that—you won’t regret it. 

Pauloluigi is located at 2859 Bird Ave, Coconut Grove, FL 33133. For more information, visit their official website


Zucca has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of Miami’s vibrant culinary landscape, garnering praise for its genuine Italian fare, acclaimed wine selection, and warm, welcoming service. The ambiance here is elevated yet serene, making it the perfect spot for special occasions. Note that there is a chic-casual dress code, and you may want to make reservations beforehand to secure your spot at the dining table. 

Now let’s take a look at the exquisite menu, which is anything but brief. Boasting an array of Italian specialties you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Miami, we recommend not skipping the antipasti menu brimming with delicate cold cuts and cheese and getting an order of the Antipasto All’ Italiana—classic Italian antipasto with a selection of cold marinated veggies, parmesan cheese, and olives; then, complementing it with the 500-day aged Prosciutto San Daniele. Specialties here include the irresistible Fiori Di Zucca Ripieni Di Caprino E Miele Al Tartufo, aka the fried zucchini flowers stuffed with goat cheese and sprinkled with truffle honey. You’ll be dreaming about them for days to come. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend the Polipo Portoghese Alla Griglia Con Insalata Calabrese E Pure Di Ceci Al Nero Di Seppia E Rosmarino — the restaurant’s infamous grilled octopus served over a black squid ink chickpea puree. The occasion calls for a top-shelf wine, and Zucca does not disappoint. 

Zucca is located at 162 Alcazar Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For more information, visit their official website.

Angelina Kurganska

Angelina Kurganska is a traveling food and tea writer. She spent years as a professional cook in North America, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Angelina is particularly enthralled by the subtle world of Japanese cuisine and enjoys making pottery in her free time.

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