The 9 Best Asian Restaurants in Miami

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The Best Asian restaurants in Miami

Sushi, ramen, banh mi, dim sum, sake … There’s no shortage of Asian food and drinks to be enjoyed. But where should you go for the very best in town? The following list will help guide you through some of the best Asian restaurants in Miami.

Hachidori Ramen Bar

Up north in Little River, Hachidori Ramen Bar is making a name for itself with slurp-worthy bowls of the Japanese classic. There are only a handful of ramen options on the menu, but each one is loaded with flavor. First-timers should consider the O.G with a tonkotsu and miso broth and cured pork belly. Pick your spice level—hot is very hot—and dig in. 

Other selections include a shoyu option with chicken broth and a shrooms option for plant-based patrons. While ramen makes up most of the menu, there are other items like Korean spicy wings, pork ribs, and sticky buns.

Hachidori Ramen Bar is located at 8222 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33138. For more information, visit their official website


Hiyakawa - Best Asian Restaurants in Miami

Hiyakawa, Wabi Sabi’s upscale cousin, has been giving long-standing Miami sushi bars heavy competition since its opening this year. The minimalist sushi shrine shines the spotlight on the ingredients alongside long-standing tradition. Each element is approached with complete mindfulness. Nothing out of place, nothing out of season. Hiyakawa’s menu boasts nigiri, sashimi, maki, temaki, and platters. If you find yourself craving something hot, there are options of fish off the grill, steamed or fried. Enough ingredients are prepared for no more than fifty meals daily, so reservations are highly encouraged. 

Enter Hiyakawa as you would an art gallery, as each dish is no short of a masterpiece. The chefs behind the bar each possess an array of hand-made tools designated to put seafood on a pedestal. Bamboo brushes effortlessly make their way into little ceramic bowls filled with sauces, sharp sashimi knives glide through marbled fish, and fine silver chopsticks dexterously merge all the components onto one dish. If you find yourself sitting at the bar, expect the sushi sorcery to happen before your eyes. Word of advice — get a sake pairing for the exhibit. 


A more upscale Asian dining experience awaits at Hutong in Brickell, where guests can feast on an extensive menu of dim sum and other Chinese delights. The offerings are extensive, and items are mostly meant for sharing. Your best bet is to ask your server for recommendations, as things can get overwhelming fast. 

Some highlights include the Sichuan-style lobster, prawn rolls, duck fried rice, and the beef rib in a lotus leaf. They’re all tasty but expect to spend a bit while here. 

Hutong is located at 600 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131. For more information, visit their official website


The Best Asian restaurants in Miami
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Stepping into KYU post-renovation feels like witnessing a restaurant’s triumphant second act, proving that some things are indeed better the second time around. Pronounced like the letter “Q,” this Wynwood restaurant recently celebrated its grand reopening and, dare we say, is better than before. New interiors and a cozy vibe set the scene for an unforgettable culinary journey led by chef Christopher Arellanes. You’ll rediscover some old favorites, like the roasted cauliflower with goat cheese adorned in a shishito-herb vinaigrette, paired with classic cocktails such as the She-So Spicy, a delightful twist on the spicy shiso sour. Another crowd-pleaser is the sweet yet tangy Pink Puppy, reminiscent of a refreshing lychee martini. If you want real heat, try the mezcal and charred shishito–infused Gorilla Water, which will make you think you, too, can blow fire from your mouth. 

A fusion of Korean and Japanese with barbecue, the food at KYU ranges from snackable bites to larger plates ideal for sharing. A few favorites include Wagyu tartare with Parker House rolls, the stone pot Thai fried rice tossed with fresh King crab, Korean fried chicken with chili butter and braised spinach, and, of course, beef short ribs with a sesame crust. Leave some room for the sinfully delicious four-layer coconut cake topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream. If you didn’t know about this irresistible treat before, you certainly do now. 

KYU Miami is located at 251 NW 25th St., Miami, FL 33127. For more information, please visit their official website


The 9 Best Asian Restaurants in Miami - Hachidori Ramen Bar, Hiyakawa, Hutong, KYU, Midorie Miami, Ogawa, Tran An, Uchi, Wabi Sabi - May 2024

Midorie is the Coconut Grove sister of Wabi Sabi that’s ideal for budget-friendly sushi bowls and omakase. With donburi brimming with fresh fish starting at $20 and omakase starting at $50, you’ll find yourself seamlessly integrated into the upscale fast-casual Japanese haven in the blink of an eye. It’s a place where regulars are born without even realizing it. Yet, it’s not merely the prices that earn Midorie its coveted spot on the list but the unwavering quality that infuses each and every bite. The seafood here gets flown in from the bustling fish markets of Japan daily. Whether it’s the buttery fatty tuna, the tender Japanese seam bream, or the melt-in-your-mouth Hokkaido scallop, the name of the game here is FRESH. Here, monotony is banished thanks to a menu boasting customizable donburi, maki rolls, and rotating seasonal offerings.  

Keep Midorie on your radar when you’re looking for a dose of tranquility amidst a busy day. Stepping into the cozy earthy green establishment, you’ll likely notice whimsical ceramic fish dancing on the walls, elegant seasonal blooms, and a refreshing lack of music—all setting forth the stage for pure food appreciation.

Tran An

Vietnamese food is hard to find in the 305, and Tran An is helping fill that gap. On the menu of this Little River sensation, you’ll find staples like green papaya salad, pork, and shrimp imperial rolls, and an array of banh mis, bowls, and pho. 

The OG classic banh mi is a must, with its tasty chili-rubbed pork and country pate; the braised beef one is also a solid sandwich. Other standouts include the lemongrass beef stew and the house special broken rice. Try them all; the prices are kind to your budget. 

Tran An is located at 215 NE 82nd Street, Miami, FL 33138. For more information, visit their official website


Ogawa is the visionary Alvaro Perez Miranda’s newest venture on the list, already garnering a devoted following. Heralded as a Cultural Conduit of Japanese Gastronomy, Ogawa promises an immersion into the soul of Japanese cuisine that transcends mere dining – it’s an unforgettable experience destined to linger in your memory for months to come. While Ogawa may not be the most wallet-friendly option on the list, it offers an unparalleled journey into the heart of Japanese culinary artistry. At the core of Ogawa’s enchantment lies its sleek wooden sushi bar, where Master Chef Masayuki Komatsu and Sushi Virtuoso Royce “Gaja” Appling orchestrate a culinary opus using only the finest seasonal ingredients, flown in daily from Japan. Their unwavering dedication to perfection results in an omakase experience that resonates deep within the soul, elevating taste to a profound experience without the need to traverse the Pacific.

Through Perez Miranda’s profound dedication to Japanese culture and his extensive agricultural connections throughout Japan, Ogawa presents delicacies previously unseen on the Miami palate. From the velvety richness of Hitachi wagyu to the delicate allure of baby sea eels and the ethereal luminosity of hotaru ika, prepare for a feast like no other. Even seemingly simple dishes like tamagoyaki, the Japanese omelet, possess the power to evoke tears of joy in the discerning diner. Omakase service is available Tuesday through Saturday evenings, welcoming up to 24 diners each day. Be sure to secure your reservations in advance.

Uchi Miami

Texas-based Uchi has set up shop in Wynwood, where chef Tyson Cole’s untraditional take on Japanese cuisine is making waves. Sushi and sashimi are the stars of the show, but the cool and hot tastings are just as impressive (and fascinating).

Some examples: the maguro and goat cheese; the pairing of bigeye tuna and goat cheese sounds strange, but it works. Same for the hirame usuzukuri, a dish made up of thinly sliced flounder and candied quinoa – an unorthodox but satisfying pairing. The key to making the most of your Uchi experience: an open mind and palate. 

Uchi is located at 252 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL 33127. For more information, visit their official website

Wabi Sabi

The 9 Best Asian Restaurants in Miami - Hachidori Ramen Bar, Hiyakawa, Hutong, KYU, Midorie Miami, Ogawa, Tran An, Uchi, Wabi Sabi - May 2024

Step into the Zen Temple that is Wabi Sabi for an immaculate Japanese meal. Origami cranes adorning the walls, kokedama plants resting on the hushed wooden tables… It’s the place to recharge and nourish your body to the fullest degree. The Upper East Side eatery offers casual fish donburi, sushi, and more upscale omakase experiences. All at a bargain price, granting the freshness of the fish and the artistry of the chef. It’s literally the perfect place to take anyone, considering the sleek casualness yet gastronomic mastery that Wabi Sabi exhibits. Not to mention the bowls are customizable and veganizable. 

The Wabi Sabi Bowl is a good starting point for someone wishing to sample a little bit of everything without breaking the bank. Salmon, tuna, blue crab, and shiitake mushrooms adorn a bed of sushi rice… or green tea soba, or mixed greens — anything goes here. Joining the mouth-watering fish is an assemblage of cucumber, edamame, seaweed, and avocado. All doused in a sauce of choice, like the crowd-favorite sesame-ginger. Made in-house, but of course. Oh, and don’t worry about repeating yourself. Wabi Sabi keeps it fresh with rotating novel seafood offerings, like saltwater eel, Japanese uni, and firefly squid. Stop by for authentic Japanese fare, zero fluff. 

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